Do you do free paper shredding? Is your service for Summit County residents only?

We do provide free shredding the first Saturday of the month from 8 am - 12 pm at our plant facility at 131 N Summit Street, Akron, OH 44304. This is for everyone that wants to bring paperwork in, not just those located in Summit County.

How do you sort through the raw content that you receive? Manually by hand or by machine?

Once the material is received at our plant facility, we sort it by hand. We remove any waste that can not be placed into the bales and divide the content by grade of paper.

I have sensitive materials with people's social security numbers, and other confidential information. I see you sort by hand. Do I need to worry about confidentiality?

Although we do sort by hand, there is no need to worry about confidentiality. We would recommend coming in during our Saturday drop off program for your shredding. You will actually be able to view the shredding process from start to finish and you will be able to watch as we sort and process your paper.

Is there any place that the public can go through bins to see if there are coupon inserts that the public have placed for recycling?

The papers that are in the containers are the property of the organization where the bins are located . The money generated by the paper in the bins is used for fundraising for those churches and schools. We would not recommend searching through them for coupons.

Our family eats foods that come in boxes. Am I able to recycle these?

Cereal boxes and other food boxes, without wax, metal or foil inserts, are accepted, but they should not have food waste in them. So to-go containers and pizza boxes are not accepted.

What should I do with my spiral notebooks and binders that I no longer need?

Spiral notebooks are accepted and the metal binding can be left on them. Binders are not accepted in the bins.

Our school has empty milk cartons and brown paper towels that fill up the trash. Are these recyclable?

Unfortunately neither of those will be accepted. The milk cartons have a moisture barrier along with some milk remaining in them and this will contaminate the end users systems. The brown paper towels are also unacceptable since they have been used, this will also contaminate.

Can I recycle the brown core from paper towel and toilet paper rolls?

Yes these are recyclable and can be put into your bin.

We have lots of shredded paper, but it is all in plastic bags. Do I have to remove the paper from the plastic bags?

No, you can throw it right into the bin as is. We sort out items like plastic bags before the paper moves through our system.

Can I recycle encyclopedias or other hardbound books? Do I have to remove the cover?

Yes you can recycle encyclopedias and other hardbound books. If you have a large number that are going into a bin, we ask that you call us prior to drop off just so we are aware they are in there. The cover can remain on the book, we later remove these at our facility.