Paper Management

Paper Management

To compete in today's economy all companies need to be efficient to be competitive and successful. Every expense must be accounted for, and every available revenue source must be captured. That's where we come in.

At River Valley Paper Company we design and manage personalized waste paper recycling programs to fit your company's specific needs. Our A.I.M. program (Analyze, Implement, Manage) helps you to maximize revenue and reduce costs by identifying each waste stream and analyzing its potential. Our A.I.M. Program can help you:

  • Lower your trash bill
  • Reduce waste going to landfills
  • A vital element of your sustainable packaging effort
  • Boost your company’s “Green” profile
  • Provides an accurate audit of your wastes
  • Potential source of untapped revenue


Every company is different, and yours is no exception. To better suit your personal needs River Valley begins by analyzing your facility for opportunities, and limitations, identifying every point of waste generation and untapped revenue stream.

One of our dedicated product managers then evaluates the handling process at those sites to determine changes that will cut costs and maximize returns. After consulting with the plant and management personnel, a decision is made based on those recommendations.


The implementation of change begins with management support and personnel education. An educated and informed team is important to the success of the A.I.M. program. During the implementation portion of the program, we begin with “Recycling Product Seminars”. We define each grade and explain packaging requirements to all plant employees. Armed with the knowledge of the different values and quality needs, the implementation of the changes becomes successful.


We are available to answer any question you may have in regards to the program. We like to re-evaluate the program every 6 months to ensure that we are providing a program that is 100% beneficial to you. We will re-analyze the program, identify the successes and provide a written evaluation to management. At the close of each month, a report detailing each shipment, grade, weight and value is provided. This report will help to insure that the waste percentages, grades and values are in line with the budget. We also do a year-end report that can be generated by grade or total tons and total revenue. Each month, we supply a market overview that will provide management with a snapshot of where the market pricing is and how it may or may not impact your revenue. We index pricing to a market publication and generally utilize the “Yellow Sheet” or the “Pulp and Paper Weekly”. At times, the market will spike above these published prices and we can provide short-term premiums during these peak-pricing markets.